Really enjoyed listening to her CD. She has a really lovely voice.
– Johnnie Walker BBC Radio 2

“What a beautiful voice you have Jess and what expressive songs”
– Simon Schama on Twitter

“This, I realised, was the best thing I’d seen in three days of Glastonbury. Her name, I discovered later, was Jess Goyder…… This woman is special….In her voice I thought I could hear faint echoes of Joni Mitchell, but quickly realised it was Mitchell’s phrasing rather than her sound. Goyder’s voice is all her own, one of those gossamer light but cobweb strong voices that can sweep and soar along a row of words, setting them all a-shudder so that they bump gently up against each other and resonate all the more powerfully…. with an unnerving intelligence and honesty that rivals critically-adored artists from Aimee Mann to Jane Siberry. At their worst these songs are very good indeed, at their best they’re sublime and they’re still, she insists, only works in progress.
– Johnny Black, Mojo/Blender

(Sweet Sweet Sand)… somehow sounds old and new at the same time – Nancy Sinatra or is it Lana Del Ray? Is it Funk or Easy Listening? Love the Electric Piano solo! Bang Bang – She shot me down.
– Simon Li, Universal Music

EP opener ‘Find Your River’ in particular finds her advising us to “Find Your River / Find your track / Lose your way / And find it back again,” like a new age hippy roaming wild across Goa. Not that it’s some cod-spiritual cobblers worthy of a good slap around the back of the head with an old sandal. Instead the song is a sweet, orchestral flight of fancy with just a hint of wistful regret, like an old Relationships song rendered fluffy by Norah Jones’s married-with-kids older sister. ‘End of the World’ is prettier still, pure as a polished pebble in a rock pool, with a sense of insular isolation to match; which brings us neatly to ‘Sweet, Sweet Sand’, a jazzy shuffle that ups the tempo a little but lacks the dreamy character of the rest of the EP. Best of the lot, though, is perhaps ‘Tumble’, with Jess coming on like a lighter, more feathery Minne Ripperton. It’s easy on the ear stuff but guileless enough that you can brush over its slightly twee nature at times and simply indulge in its starry-eyed whimsy.
– Sue Foreman, Nightshift June 2012

The most extraordinary voice I’ve heard in years.
– Jean Roussel, producer, 11 Cat Stevens albums, Bob Marley, The Police.

…A true star waiting in the wings.
– Brighton Insight

An original and unique talent…
– South East Arts

“Ahhhh…Jess Goyder. More from her soon we hope.”
– Bob Sinfield, Jazz FM