The Sorceress

I thought it was time you met my latest creation. She’s first and foremost a song; in which I climb the mountain, find The Sorceress and ask her to let us in on all the secrets of her magic. She’s also in the process of becoming a set of illustrations and my first recording with Alan Glass. For now though you can catch her secrets in concert…


The Sorceress


“If you want it,

First you have to feel it”,

Said The Sorceress.

I’d sought her out

Way up on the mountain

High in emptiness.

“It’s not enough to see it or believe it”….

Creative Apps – Paint, Pianos and Particle Emitters

Welcome to my page dedicated to creative projects. For the last 18 months I’ve been working, or playing rather, with the app developer Andrew Sage. I thought now would be as good a time as any to give you a small taster of what we’re up to.

I met Andrew saying, “All my app ideas are creative and fairly non-functional music videos…would you be interested in working on anything like that?”.
“Just creatively playing around? Hell yeah!” Came the response.

Here’s a one minute taster of what that can look like…

The first incarnation was a finger-painting app created using some fresh paintings. With the song Sweet Sweet Sand as our inspiration, we began by creating our own version of ‘live paint’ (formed by digital particle emitters) that would float off, expand and go on to have a life all of its own once finger painted on the iPad.

screen shot of Fish app in development

After lots of testing out on unsuspecting strangers (we like doing that) it was the small drawing of a fish that won the day. We’d already loved the idea of being able to use a different fish drawing to activate a different track of the song and before long Fissshh! was born.

Here’s a quick video of the app in use…

We took the app to the music and tech conference MIDEM in Cannes and it stole the show. Andrew’s team are now developing our ideas further, especially in the educational games market (children also seem to love it) and we look forward to releasing app number 1 in the not too distant future. Then I have more interactive music video and social media app ideas, once this album’s done.

Just to prove that developers really are the new rock and roll (the consensus seems to be that befriending the geeks is just as, if not more important than record labels these days), Andrew has gone on to become a huge supporter of my music and entrepreneurial mentor. If you need or have an idea for an app you can contact Andrew or feel free to talk anything through with me creatively.